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From 28-08-2017 To 02-09-2017

S.No Program Coordinator Dates Who is it for
1 Cloud Computing

Suchismita Das
Sr. Manager (PMI)
Email: suchismitadas@ntpc.co.in

28 Aug -01 Sept, 2017 NTPC E1-E7 level executives from IT of NTPC and JVs. Open to external participants of comparable profile
2 Enhancing Managerial Competence

17-28 April, 2017
Anoop Kumar, Sr. Manager [PMI)
email: anoopkumar@ntpc.co.in

15-26 May, 2017

Rishi Kapoor, Sr. Manager [PMI)
email: pmi.rishi@gmail.com

05-16 June, 2017
Alok Kumar Tripathi, AGM [PMI)
email:  akt.global@gmail.com

19-30 June, 2017
Anoop Kumar, Sr. Manager [PMI)

03-14 July, 2017

Anoop Kumar, Sr. Manager [PMI)
email:  anoopkumar@ntpc.co.in

17-28 July, 2017
Dr. K. V. Vidyanandan, AGM [PMI]
kvvidyanandan@ntpc.co.in, kvvidyas@gmail.com

21 August-01 September, 2017
Ananda Srinivas V.,
email:  vasrinivas@ntpc.co.in,

06-17 November, 2017
Ananda Srinivas V.,
email: vasrinivas@ntpc.co.in,

11-22 December, 2017
Dr. Gireesh C. Tripathi, AGM [PMI)
email: gireeshctripathi@gmail.com, gctripathi@ntpc.co.in

29 January-09 February, 2018
Ananda Srinivas V.,
email: vasrinivas@ntpc.co.in,srivaka@gmail.com

Aug 21- 01 Sep,2017
Newly promoted E-6 level executives
3 Energy Management and Auditing Dr. K. V. Vidyanandan,AGM [PMI)
email: kvvidyanandan@ntpc.co.in, kvvidyas@gmail.com
28 August-01 September, 2017 E-2 to E-7 level executives working in O&M departments from NTPC and other organizations.
4 Right to Information

Dr. Ashis Kumar Chatterjee,
Sr.  Manager [PMI]
email: chattu@rediffmail.com

01 September, 2017 Employees of NTPC interested in the issue.
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