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Enhancing Technical Expertise in Power Plants
Sl.No. Programme                                                     
1. Energy Management and Auditing 
2. Energy Storage for Renewable Energy Systems 
3. Workshop on Solar PV Systems 
4. Advanced Technologies in Power Generation 
5. Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System 
6. ASME BPV Code Sec VIII, Div. 1: Design and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels (Certificate Program) 
7. ASME BPV Code Section IX: Welding Qualifications (Certificate Program) 
8. ASME Certificate Course on Principles of Welding (Certificate Program) 
9. ASME Certificate Course on Pumps and Valves (Certificate Program) 
10. Augmentation Program for Erection Executives 
11. Augmentation Program for Operation Executives 
12. Certification Program for Vibration Analyst - Level-2 
13. Communication Protocols in Process Automation System and Interfaces 
14. Control Valves and Actuators 
15. DDCMIS - Siemens SPPA - T3000 System 
16. DDCMIS - BHELs maxDNA System 
17. DDCMIS - Emersons Ovation System 
18. DDCMIS - Honeywells Experian System 
19. DDCMIS - Procontrol P13 System 
20. DDCMIS -ABB·s Symphony Harmony System 
21. DDCMIS -Yokogawa CS3000 System 
22. Generator Excitation Systems 
23. Innovative Practices in Project Safety 
24. Mines Safety and Regulation 
25. New Challenges in Coal Handling Plant 
26. Numerical Relays in Power System Protection and Substation Automation 
27. Operation, Control and Protection of Turbines and Generators 
28. PADO for Operations and EEMG Engineers 
29. Performance Assessment of APH, Pulveriser & Boiler 
30. Planning and Design of Opencast Coal Mines, Surface Mining Operations and Equipment 
32. Power Plant Familiarization for Non-Technical Executives 
33. Power System Protection 
34. Proj. Mgmt: Best Practices in Ash Utilisation and Latest techniques in Ash Dyke Management 
35. Project Management: Civil Construction, Safety and Quality Aspects of Power Project 
36. Project Management: Civil Design Aspects of Power Project 
37. Project Management: Concept to Commissioning of Hydro Power Projects 
38. Project Management: Conceptualization, Design and Construction of Railway Siding 
39. Project Management: Project Lead Time Reduction through CCPM 
40. Solar PV Rooftop Systems 
41. Track and Bridge Maintenance 
42. Transformers and HT/LT Switchgears 
43. Turbine Governing System 
44. Ultrasonic Testing Level-II (Certificate Program) 
45. Wind and Solar Energy Based Power Generation Systems 
46. Workshop on Behaviour Based Safety 
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