On-line Course on Fundamentals and Erection of Boiler

In its endeavor to spread knowledge, Power Management Institute has specially designed On-line e-learning modules for professionals of the Power Sector who would like to learn from their office/ worksite or home. The nature of the course work does not require them to attend regular classes. This course work can be completed by devoting about one and half hours for seven days sitting at workplace or home having broadband internet connectivity.

Programme Objectives The course consists of the following five modules:

  • Steam and Water Circulation System
  • General Arrangement of Boiler and auxiliaries: Air and Draft System
  • Flue gas System: Air-Heater and Electrostatic Precipitator
  • Pulverizes and Boiler Fuel Firing System
  • Erection of Boiler and Auxiliaries

On completion of all the modules the participant of the e learning module is expected to:

  • Describe the concepts, arrangement and functioning of water and steam circulation system.
  • Describe and classify Boiler, explain the air draft system, classify fans and state fan laws.
  • Explain Coal Combustion and the generated pollution, list the usual boiler Problems
  • Classify and explain air preheaters and its functioning, differentiate between losses taking place in the air-preheater.
  • Explain the working principle of Electrostatic Precipitator, list factors affecting the performance and enumerate improvement measures.
  • Explain the fuel firing arrangement of the Boiler and the principle of atomization.
  • Describe and classify different types of coal pulverizes, feeders and performance parameter of the mill.
  • Describe the different types of firing arrangements in the Boiler.
  • Explain the organization set for erection of boiler. Enumerate the sequence of activities for erection boiler, broad quality checks required and the safety measures to be observed.
The modules consist of high quality animations, photographs, text animations and oral commentary. The module has been made for BHEL make CE design 500 MW Boiler. However, the course can be taken for understanding the basic principles of all types of pulverized fuel fired boilers. There are a number of quizzes and exercises in the modules that enhances the learning experience and improves understanding.

Target Participants:

The course is designed for all Power Sector Professionals, who are interested to know about the large Pulverized fuel fired Boilers used in the Power stations. It is ideal training material for fresh Engineering graduates who have joined the Power Sector and are interested in quickly understanding the concepts of Boiler. They can undertake this course while still remaining in their workplace or home.


One can register for this course by depositing a Demand Draft for the course fees and registration form. On the receipt of fees and the registration form, a username and password shall be sent to the e-mail ID with the details. The learning window shall remain open for 30 days time. It is expected that within this time the participant shall be able to complete the course. On successful completion of the course and securing 80% or more marks in the quizzes/exercises, a certificate of successful completion of the course shall be sent to the Address of the Participant. Otherwise a certificate of participation shall be sent.



For individual Participants: Rs 6000 + service tax as applicable

For Corporates (with minimum 10 participants) : Rs 5000 + service tax as applicable per participant.

The Demand draft (payable to NTPC Limited, Noida) for fees along with registration form (format as below) may be sent to Mr. B. B. Chugh, AGM (PMI), Programme Services Group, Power Management Institute, NTPC, Sector 16-A , Noida 201301.

System Requirement at End User:

Internet connection: Minimum 512 Kbps. 1 Mbps for more than 10 users at one time.
Browser Software: IE 6.0 or greater; Firefox 1.0 or greater.
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista.
Plug-ins: Flash player (latest) for viewing content and sound driver.
Others: Browsers should support JavaScript, Site specific Pop Up windows

Contact Details:

  1. Suchismita Das, e-mail: suchismitadas@ntpc.co.in, ph: 0120-2478284
  2. Pankaj Ekbote, e-mail: pankajekbote@ntpc.co.in, ph: 0120-2478276

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