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Message from Chairman & Managing Director 

'India is a bright spot in the world economy' as described by IMF, indicates country's robust fundamentals, immense growth potential and strong governance. Policy initiatives like 'Make in India', 'Smart cities' will further fuel the growth of Indian Economy. National goal of '24 x 7' power for all will unlock the potential in the sector.

While many initiatives taken by the Government augurs well for the growth of the sector, the rapid economic growth changes the business dynamics. As India moves towards being a developed economy, new set of challenges are emerging. Lower capacity utilization factor is becoming new normal. Revised stringent environmental norms, stricter tariff regulations and Increasing Renewable energy contribution in the power supply are some of the factors changing the entire landscape of power business.

Operating plants under these circumstances in an economically viable manner would be a challenge. Cues from the sector environment makes it amply clear that past skill sets needs to be upgraded / aligned with the present context and future guidance.

Power Management Institute (PMI) being premier institute in the country has always played leading role in skilling people as per Company's and sector's demand, effectively contributing to "Skill India" Campaign of the Government.

It gives me pleasure to see that PMI has come up with new training calendar which has programs aptly chosen to fill the gap. In this new calendar there are programs listed on diverse emerging topics like Solar PV Systems, Energy Storage, IT Governance, Green Buildings, Generation Cost Reduction, Strategic Business Sense, Commercial aspects of Power Generation, Project Risk Management. Apart from technical programs PMI is also actively engaged in building managerial and leadership capabilities in the sector.

I wish team PMI and all the participants a productive learning experience..

Chairman & Managing Director
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