The Institute is involved in the training and development of middle and senior level personnel from the power sector. The activities of the Institute are :

To create and scan new applicable knowledge, and effect its introduction in the power sector.
To design and execute need-based programmes, workshops and seminars.
To address key sectoral issues through research and policy seminars.
To carry out applied research in management areas.
To undertake consultancy assignments in management and technical areas of the power sector.

These activities are carried out in an integrated manner so that there is a synergistic blend of training, research and consultancy.

While in the initial years, the Institute's orientation was towards augmenting management skills of NTPC's executives, the Institute now provides training opportunities to executives of other organization in the power sector. These programmes offer a valuable opportunity for participants to interact with and learn from the experience of executives from a variety of operating situations. The Institute also conducts sponsored programmes in different areas of power sector management.
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