Table No - I      ITIs Adopted  Information for NTPC  Limited  (15 June, 2009) (Work Sheet No. 1)
    ITI Name and Location               Funds allocated
for Each ITI
S.No Adopting NTPC Station Name of ITI District State New or Existing ITI Deliverables actually achieved Expenditure incurred for each deliverable from Organisation Fund (Rs. in Lakhs) apprrox. Expenditure incurred for each deliverable from Govt. Funds (Rs. in Lakhs) approx. Proposed Deliverables (yet to be achieved) Expenditure estimated to be incurred to achieve each of the proposed deliverables (Rs. In Lakhs) approx. Timeline (tentative) for achieving each of the proposed deliverables (Month/Year) Govt. Fund (Rs. In Lakhs) Own (Rs. In Lakhs) Total (Rs. In Lakhs)
1 KAWAS  ITI Olpad Surat Gujarat Existing Uniform to staff members   0.22  New Trade  - Electrician   Aug-09 250 0 250
Levelling of compound   0.61 Civil works - entrance gate, internal pavements etc. 5.00 Dec-09
Changing of water pipelines from GI to PVC   0.30 White washing / painting of ITI building. 10.00 Jul-09
Purchase of computer printer, fax machine & digital camera   0.35 RO water purifier system for ITI 1.00 Jul-09
Miscl. (conversion of jeep of ITI into CNG)   0.19 Furniture 10.00 Aug-09
 Short term course (15 days prg.) & seminars & workshops, Industrial visit of students   0.09 Machinery, Equipments, tools etc.(for new course) 10.00 Aug-09
Name board of ITI (with steel letters) in Gujarati   0.10 Instructors on adhoc basis  1.20                     (for one year) Jul-09
Compound Land filing   1.00  Plantation of trees&  dev. of garden 10.00 Dec-09
      Books, software etc. 1.00 Jul-09
      Additional manpower  & security guards 2.50 Jul-09
      Purchase of computer , Projector etc. 7.00 Oct-09
2 RAMAGUNDAM ITI (Girls), Karimnagar Karimnagar Andhra Pradesh Existing  Drinking water connection   0.065 New Trades (3 nos.) Electrical, welder & D/man(civil) Aug-09 250 0 250
Digital Camera, Broadband, Miscl.   0.15 Faculty adhoc for  3 new trades 3.60 Jul-09
Library Books   0.30  New building (new Workshops-classrooms) 45.50 Mar-10
Shop tools (for elect., welder & D/man(civil) trades)   2.00 out of 9.00 Shop tools (for elect., welder & D/man(civil) trades) Balance 7.00 out of 9.00 Jul-09
      Machinery (electrical & welding trades) 44.00 Oct-09
Existing Building Renovation including computer lab electrification   8.50 out of 17.00 Existing Building Renovation including computer lab electrification Balance 8.50 out of 17.00 Jul-09
      Furniture 1.00 Jul-09
      Books/ Teaching Aids 0.50 Jul-09
3 BADARPUR ITI Malviya Nagar New Delhi Delhi Existing Camera   0.09 Purchase of Furniture for conference hall, class room,library, staff 20.00 Nov-09 250 0 250
Office Stationary   0.15 Library books 5.00 Mar-10
     Equipment (phase -I) 10.00 Sep-09
       Equipment (phase -II) 40.00 Mar-10
      PCs, Laptop, LCD Projector 7.00 Jun-09
4 BARH ITI Begusari Begusarai Bihar Existing       New Trade  - Instrument Mechanic 1.55 Sep-09 250 0 250
Servicing of workshop machines (Advance payment to HMT, work order placed) 0.00 0.40  lakh Advance payment out of 0.60 Lakhs Maintenance of machines/equipments for workshop 0.60 (advance of 0.40 out of 0.60 made to HMT kolkata)  Jun-09
      Purchase of furniture 5.00 Sep-09
      Purchase of teaching material / books 2.00 Jul-09
      Purchase of equipments for new trade 2.00 Aug-09
      Repair of institute building,construction of approach road & boundary wall (by state govt. funds) 38.85 Nov-09
      Construction of new building under estimation Dec-10
5 SIMHADRI ITI Bhadragiri Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh Existing       New Trades (3nos.):  welder, dress making, COPA & addl. Section for fitter     Aug-09 250 0 250
Repair of building. (Advance Amount of Rs. 58 lakhs  deposited with EE(R&B), Parvathipuram for completion of works by Aug, 2009 0.00 58.00 Repair of buildings   (Advance amount of Rs. 58.00 lakhs deposited with EE (R&B)) Aug-09
      Tools & Machinery 90.00 Aug-09
      Furniture 2.00 Aug-09
      Books 6.00 Aug-09
      Teaching Aids 1.00 Aug-09
6 KOLDAM ITI (PH) Sunder Nagar Mandi Himachal Pradesh Existing Renovation of existing building for upgradation of trades of ITI   0.13 New Trades:     250 0 250
      a). Phase-I  : 4nos. -COPA, Electrician, Fitter, Embroidery & needle work 40.00 Jul-10
      b) . Phase-II: 4 nos. - Welder, Diesel Mechanic, Plumber, Faishon Technology 40.00 Jul-11
      c). Phase-III: 4nos. Interior decoration, Hair & Skin care, Food production, Driving (esp. ladies & physically challenged) 39.00 Jul-12
      Conversion of R&TV trade into electronics mechanic   Jul-09
      Purchase of furniture, machinery & equipment for principal office  2.57 Jul-09
      Purchase of Furniture, machinery & equipment, books for Library of ITI 3.89 Jul-09
       Purchase of furniture, machinery & equipment for electronics mech., mechanic radio & TV, D/man ( C ) & DTPO of ITI 21.46 Jul-09
      Construction of new ITI bldg. (by state govt through PWD)# 92.00 Sep-10
      ( # State govt. has sanctioned Rs. 119 lacs for building, hostel & boundary wall. Rs. 65 lacs out of Rs. 119 lacs directly given to HP PWD by state govt against building construction.) 
7 FARAKKA ITI Berhampore Murshidabad West  Bengal Existing       New Trade: (Electrical - CoE)   Aug-09 250 0 250
 Infrastructure  development of existing workshop  0.12 (out of total 35.95) 0.00  Infrastructure  development of existing workshop  35.95 (total) Oct-09
      Procurement of  machines  & tools  under estimation Nov-09
      Training  for instructors.Tie up for conducting training programmes (for ITI instructors)    Aug-09 to Dec-09
      Books 1.30 Jun-09
8 KORBA Govt. ITI Pali Korba Chhattisgarh Existing        New Trades -  (Welder, Motor Mechanic   Jan-10 250 0 250
Miscellaneous (drinking water cooler, white board) 0.37 0.00 Addl unit each of Electrician, Fitter, COPA   Aug-09
Miscl. (Air coolers, PAN/TAN no for IMC) 0.00 0.16  Civil Works- new bldg. Class Room, w/shop, b'dry wall, drinking water 60.00 Dec-09
Industrial visit of students 0.03 0.10 Furniture 8.00 Nov-09
      Books 2.50 Sep-09
      Teaching Material/aids 2.00 Aug-09
      Purchase of equipment, machinery/tools 55.00 Dec-09
9 RGCCPP KAYAMKULAM ITI Chennerkara Pathanamthitta Kerala Existing       New Trade- (Electronics - under CoE)   Aug-10 250 0 250
      Equipments 88.06 Dec-09
      Furniture 4.00 Dec-09
Books   0.01 Books & Learning Material 1.00 Dec-09
10 Talcher Kaniha ITI (W), Dhenkanal, Dhenkanal Orissa Existing Computer (5nos.) & fax machine (1 nos) provided 0.19 0.00 1. New Trades proposed in IDP - (Electrician, Fitter, welder,IT & ESM)     0          (Rs 2.5 Crores funds release awaited) 0 0
      2a. Civil Works for upgradation (proposed) 10.00  
      2b. Civil works for new trades (proposed) 52.50  
      3a. Euipments for upgradation (proposed) 10.00  
      3b. Equipments for new trades (proposed) 30.00  
      4a.Furniture for upgradation (proposed) 2.00  
      4b.Furniture for new trades (proposed) 6.00  
      5a.Learning matrl. for upgradation (proposed) 0.50  
      5b. Learning matrl. for new trades (proposed) 1.50  
      6a. Recurring Exp. for upgradation(proposed) 2.00  
      6b. Recurring exp. For new trades (proposed) 10.50  
11 Dadri ITI Uncha Amipur Gautam budh Nagar Uttar Pradesh Existing Raw Material for training (for 4 trades) FY 2008-09 1.70   Raw Material for training (for 4 trades) FY 2009-10 1.70 per year     1.70 per year  

Table -2   ITIs Being Adopted  Information for NTPC  Limited  (15 June, 2009) (Worksheet No-2)
    ITI Name and Location         Funds allocated
for Each ITI
S.No Adopting NTPC Station Name of ITI District State New or Existing ITI Proposed Deliverables (yet to be achieved) Expenditure estimated to be incurred to achieve each of the proposed deliverables (Rs. In Lakhs) approx. Timeline (tentative) for achieving each of the proposed deliverables (Month/Year) Govt. Fund (Rs. In Lakhs) Own (Rs. In Lakhs) Total (Rs. In Lakhs)
1 TAPOVAN VISHNUGAD ITI Tapovan Chamoli Uttarakhand Existing New Trade:Electrician     250 0 250
Shifting of old trades:    
a) Wireman, electronics  (From Gopeswar)   Jul-09
b) Com. Optr., Motor driver cum mechanic (From Tapovan)   Jul-09
* Construction of  building ( by state govt. under supervision of Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam)   Aug-09
(* Funding of Rs. 95.40 lakh by state govt.)    
2 LOHARINAG-PALA ITI Uttarakahi Uttarkashi Uttarakhand Existing New Trades : 50.00   250 0 250
a. COPA   Aug-10
b. Fitter, Electronic Mechanic, Electrician, Welder (Gas & electric)    
3 MOUDA ITI Mouda Nagpur Maharashtra Existing  New Trades (3 nos.)- (COPA,  Instrument Mechanic & Fitter)     0 0 0
Civil works  90.00 3 yrs Release of Rs.2.5 Cr. govt. funds awaited. Timeline to to start after reciept of funds
Equipment, Furniture, Learning Material etc. 140.00 3yrs
Recurring Expenditure 20.00 5 yrs
4 ANTA ITI Anta Baran Rajasthan Existing New Trades (Proposed): Diesel mechanic, COPA, instrument mechanic. Addl. unit of existing electrician (subject to state govt. approval)   Aug-10 250 0 250
Machinery / Tools & Equipment 55.88 Mar-10
Books 0.40 Jul-09
Teaching Materials 0.60 Sep-09
Civil Works - (upgradation of existing facilities & creation of infrastructure for COPA) 33.00 Mar-10
Procurement of Furniture for existing trades 2.46 Aug-09
Procurement of Furniture for new trades 9.54 Jun-10
5 FARIDABAD ITI Faridabad Faridabad Haryana Existing  Being planned.           
No. of Existing ITIs adopted  11
No. of Existing ITIs being adopted  5
No. of New ITIs being set up / adopted 8*
Total No. of ITI         24
*  6nos. new ITI are being set up by NTPC at Chatra(Jharkhand), Baloda(Chattisgarh), Rihand (Uttar Pradesh), Bongaigaon(Assam), Pakri Barwadih (Jharkhand) and Nabinagar (Bihar).  NTPC also plans to adopt 2 nos. new ITI at  Mattanhail & Jhajjar (Haryana) (which are under construction by state govt), under bilateral agreement with State Government. Please see enclosed annexue.  
** NTPC has adopted  ITI in Faridabad and Dadri under bilateral agreement with State Government.  
1.) ITI is considered adopted only when organization has spent money on any of the deliverables. In case, no money has been spent then ITI is considered as being adopted.
2.) Following is the indicative list of deliverables:
Purchase of equipment, Audio-visual aids, building renovation, augmenting strength, expenses on training of faculty, onjob training of students, upgradation of lab, workshop, procuring faculty, launching new trades etc.
Annexure (Worksheet No-3)
Stations / Projects that are planning to set up / adopt New ITI      (15-June-2009)
S.No NTPC Station ITI Location District State Remarks
1 Rihand Naktu Sonebhadra UP Board Approval accorded. MoU signing  awaited. Land demarcated. Tentatively 4 nos. trades (COPA, electrician, fitter, welder) planned. Timeline 2012-13.  
2 North Karanpura Chatra Chatra Jharkhand MoA signed between Jharkhand Govt.  Process of handing over of land is on.Tentatively 11 nos. trades planned. Timeline 2012-13 
3 Pakri Barwadih Barkagaon Hazaribagh Jharkhand Board Approval accorded. Land being identified by state govt. Tentatively 10 nos trades are being planned. Draft MoU under discussion.Timeline 2012-13
4 Sipat Baloda Janjgir Chhattisgarh Board Approval accorded.  Land demarcation under process.Likely to be handed over by Dec-09. MoU is awaiting signing by state govt. Tentatively  6 nos. trades are being planned (fitter, electrician, instrumentation, welder, turner/ mechanic(diesel), COPA. Timeline 2012-13
5 Bongaigaon Salakati Kokrajhar Assam Draft MoU under finalisation. Land identified. Initially 3nos trades (fitter, electrician, welder) planned.Timeline 2012-13
6 Nabinagar (BRBCL) Nabinagar  Aurangabad  Bihar Board approval accorded. Draft MoA sent to state govt. Land identified. Tentatively  5 nos trades are planned (COPA, welder, fitter, diesel mechanic). Timeline 2012-13
7 Jhajjar (APCPL) Mattanhail Jhajjar Haryana Construction of the ITI by state govt under progress  NTPC plans to adopt under bi-lateral agreement with State Govt. 
8 Jhajjar Jhajjar Jhajjar Haryana -do-
Projectwise Main Nodal / Alternate Officers of NTPC Projects for ITI Adoption  (15 June, 2009)                    (Worksheet No-4)
Sl NTPC Project ITI Name Nodal / Alternate Nodal Officer Name Designation Postal Address Tel No. Fax No Email
1 Farakka Berhampore Main Nodal Officer P K Panda DGM (HR-EDC) Employee Development Centre, Farakka Super Thermal Power Station, NTPC Limited, P.O. Pubarun, Dist. Malda.  West Bengal. Pin-732215 03512-224259 03512-224259
Alternate Nodal Officer S. Sinha Ray Sr. Manager(HR-EDC)   03512-224259,
2 Kawas Olpad Main Nodal Officer Akhil Patnaik Dy. Manager (HR) Kawas Gas Power Project, NTPC Limited, PO: Adityagar, Dist- Surat. Gujarat. Pin- 394516 0261-2877082 0261-286154
Alternate Nodal Officer Gangadharan M Astt. Officer (HR) 0261-2877083 0261-286154
3 Korba Pali Main Nodal Officer E Ali Sr. Officer (HR) NTPC Limited, Korba Vikas Bhawan, PO: Jamnipali. Dist.: Korba. Pin-495450. Chhattisgarh 07759-237099 07759- 237754
Alternate Nodal Officer K P Patel Astt. Officer(HR) 07759-237099 07759- 237754
4 Ramagundam Karimnagar Main Nodal Officer V A Rao DGM (MM-CM) Ramagundam Super Thermal Power Station, NTPC Limited, PO- Jyoti Nagar, Dist.- Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh. Pin-505215.  08728-272672 08728-272269 / 272934
Alternate Nodal Officer A Ramkishan Sr. Astt Officer (CSR) 08728-272127 08728-272111/ 273963
5 Koldam Sunder Nagar Main Nodal Officer R K Tiwari Manager (R&R) Koldam Hydro Power Project, NTPC Limited, PO: Barmana, Dist: Bilaspur. Himachal Pradesh. Pin-174013. 01907-286253 01907-286390,
Alternate Nodal Officer Rajesh Kumar Engineer (R&R)   01907-286390
6 RGCCPP Chennekara Main Nodal Officer G S K Nair AGM (TS) Rajiv Gandhi Combined Cycle Power Project, NTPC Limited., Kayamkulam, PO: Choolatheruvu, Dist.- Alappuzha. Kerala. Pin-690506. 0479-2419494 0479-2419444,
Alternate Nodal Officer          
7 Tapovan Vishnugad Tapovan Main Nodal Officer A K Zalpuri Sr. Manager (R&R) Tapovan Vishnugad Hydro Power Project, NTPC Limited, Kagbhusandi, Near Garhwal Scouts, Badrinath Road, Joshimath, Dist.- Chamoli,  Uttarakhand. Pin-249135. 01389-221912 01389-222199/ 222435
Alternate Nodal Officer Ms. Anjula Agrawal Sr. Asst. Officer-CSR 01389-221912 01389-222199/ 222435
8 Badarpur Malviya Nagar Main Nodal Officer Ms. Rachna S Bhal Sr. Manager (HR-EDC) Badarpur Thermal Power Station, NTPC Limited, Badarpur, New Delhi. Pin-110044 011-26972576 011-26947160,
Alternate Nodal Officer          
9 Barh Begusarai Main Nodal Officer S A Mehdi Sr. Manager (R&R) Barh Super Thermal Power Project, NTPC Limited, PO: Barh, Dist.- Patna. Bihar. Pin-803213 06132-240094 06132-240014
Alternate Nodal Officer J P Singh Dy. Mgr (C&I) 06132-240011 06132-240014,
10 Simhadri Bhadragiri Main Nodal Officer K B K Rao DGM (CSR) Simhadri Super Thermal Power Project, NTPC Limited, PO: NTPC- Simhadri, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Pin-531020 08924-243053 08924-243005, 243092,
Alternate Nodal Officer M V R Rao ES-CSR 08924-243053 08924-243005, 243092,
11 Loharinagpala Uttarakashi Main Nodal Officer J S Negi Manager (R&R) Loharnag-Pala Hydro Project, NTPC Limited, PO: Bhatwari, Dist.- Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. Pin-249135. 01374-244724 01374-244668, 244769
Alternate Nodal Officer Shvetal Shrimali Sr. Officer (R&R),
12 Mouda Mouda Main Nodal Officer Prashant Singh Sr. Officer (R&R/CSR) Mouda Super Thermal Power Project, NTPC Limited, 1st. Floor, Krishi Utpana Bazar Samiti, Lapka Road, PO: Mouda, Dist. - Nagpur, Maharashta. Pin-441104 07115-281178 07115-281222
Alternate Nodal Officer          
13 Talcher Kaniha Dhenkanal Main Nodal Officer R Harikumar DGM (HR) Talcher Super Thermal Power Station, NTPC Limited, Kaniha, PO: Deepshikha,Dist.- Angul. Orissa. Pin-759147 06760-243344 06760-243107
Alternate Nodal Officer S K Sahoo Officer (HR) 06760-243344 06760-243107,
14 Anta Anta Main Nodal Officer Umesh Kumar Dy. Manager (HR) Anta Gas Power Station, NTPC Limited, PO: Anta, Dist.-Baran, Rajasthan -325209 07457-246032 07457-246039,
Alternate Nodal Officer Kundan Kishore Officer (HR) 07457-246032 07457-246039
15 Faridabad Faridabad Main Nodal Officer Ms. Manjula Sengupta Dy. Manager (HR) Faridabad Gas Power Station, NTPC Limited, Rashmipuram, Village Mujedi Distt Faridabad, Haryana 0129-240180 0129-2249347
Alternate Nodal Officer          
16 Dadri Uncha Amipur Main Nodal Officer S C Sharma  Sr. Manager(CSR) National Capital Power Station, Dadri,  NTPC Limited, P.O. Vidyutnagar, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar 201008. Uttar Pradesh 0120-2672169 0120-2671190
Alternate Nodal Officer          
Sl NTPC Project ITI Location Nodal / Alternate Nodal Officer Name Designation Postal Address Tel No. Fax No Email
17 Rihand Naktu Main Nodal Officer G C Pandey DGM (TS) Rihand Super Thermal Power Project, NTPC Limited, P.O. Rihandnagar, Distt. Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh 05446-242328 05446-243138
Alternate Nodal Officer          
18 North Karanpura  Chatra Main Nodal Officer M K Mandal DGM (P&S) North Karanpura Super Thermal Power Project, NTPC Limited, Agrawal Rest House, Malviya Marg, Jhanda Chowk, Hazaribagh -825301. Jharkhand. 06546-272538 06546-226613
Alternate Nodal Officer          
19 Pakri Barwadih Barkagaon Main Nodal Officer A Choubey DGM (C&M / R&R) Pakri Barwadih Coal Mining Project, NTPC limited, Nawabganj, Hazaribagh -825301. Jharkhand. 06546-270619 06546-270619 / 270744
Alternate Nodal Officer K R Singh Sr. Manager (R&R) 06546-
20 Sipat Baloda Main Nodal Officer N N Mishra DGM (CSR/ R&R) Sipat  Super Thermal Power Project, NTPC Limited, P.O. Ujwal Nagar, Dist. Bilaspur, Chattisgarh 495555   07752-246506,
Alternate Nodal Officer A K Khankhoje Dy. Manager (R&R),
21 Bongaigaon Salakati Main Nodal Officer A K Mishra CM(HR) Bongaigaon Thermal Power Project, NTPC Limited, P.O Salakat (P), Dist. Kokrajhar (BTAD), Assam 783369 03661-282727
Alternate Nodal Officer          
22 Nabinagar (BRBCL) Nabinagar Main Nodal Officer Rajesh Dung Dung Sr. Officer (R&R/CSR) BRBCL, Site Office: Hotel Basant Vihar, Near Bye Pass Chowk, G.T.Road, P.O. & Dist Aurangabad, Pin- 824101. Bihar   6186226200,
Alternate Nodal Officer Shakil Ahmad Officer (R&R/CSR)   6186226200,
23 & 24 Jhajjar (APCPL) Mattanhail & Jhajjar Main Nodal Officer S C Soni DGM(HR) Indira Gandhi Super Thermal Power Project, APCPL, Jharli, Jhajjar, Haryana 01251-266202 01251-290900
Alternate Nodal Officer          
  PMI ---- Main Nodal Officer Pankaj P Ekbote DGM (PMI) Power Management Institute, NTPC Limited, Plot No. 5-14, Sector -16A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Pin- 201301 0120-2515204 0120-2515210
Alternate Officer V P Srivastava Sr. Faculty  0120-2515204 0120-2515210